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How we work:
We start by compiling soil data such as textural, chemistry and most important the biological parts. Once we have this data we compare it with the plant list and create custom food sources and living liquid biological amendments. These amendments contain fungi, bacteria, protozoa, and nematodes. This material is injected into the root ball of the tree and the adjacent soils, and a dry food source is applied to provide long-term leaching fields of foods for these organisms to eat and reproduce on.

Why our process is so effective:
When oxygen is infused into the rootball it can increase the fibrous root mass by 10-15% before digging, which aids in the acclimation of the tree to its new environment. Now each tree's growing environment has the same groups of microbes and food resources in the rootball, transition soil and site soil.

A tree that acclimates rapidly requires less frequent watering, minimal insect and disease treatments, and enjoys increased longevity. Our process helps draw the fibrous root system out of the rootball and into the surrounding soil. This is how we reduce the amount of water needed to keep the rootball moist while also making all the nutrients in the surrounding soil available to the plant.

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